Comic Book Coloring and Lettering

Gary has been coloring comics since 1999, and has been preparing jobs for print for over 35 years. Click for a gallery.

DIGITAL PAINTING ILLUSTRATIONS. Your cover sells your book. Gary's unique digital painting style can set you apart. Click for a gallery.

JAZZ ILLUSTRATION. Gary was awarded a Xeric Grant for Jazz: Cool Birth, a jazz club murder mystery with art inspired by '50s album cover design. Click for a gallery and see if this colorful, retro style will work for your project.

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Gods of Aazurn

Weekly. And free. Gary Scott Beatty's dark gods turn their gibbering heads toward us only on Webtoons in full color stories every Wednesday. Subscribe! Like! Comment!

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Wounds: One man's descent into madness accompanied by death in a tuxedo during the zombie apocalypse, is a 56 page graphic novel available on Amazon and Comixology!

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Jazz: Midnight

Art inspired by '50s album cover design. Story inspired by jazz. Gary Scott Beatty's new graphic novel collection of tales from the smoky clubs of 1957 is now on Amazon!

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Worlds: Three Stories by Gary Scott Beatty

Published by indie legend Caliber Comics, this first Gary Scott Beatty retrospective is a massive, 96 page collection of early work, unpublished art, in-depth articles, a jazz art gallery and more!

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Xeric Grant Recipient Gary Scott Beatty read his first comic book, a beat up old Tin Tin hardcover, in his grade school library some time before the '60s Batman craze. The first alternative comic he produced (They were called "underground" then) was on his high school's mimeograph machine, after hours, without permission. Decades later the tools and format have changed, but Gary is still producing printed pieces that communicate and entertain.

"Worlds," the first Gary Scott Beatty retrospective is now on Amazon and Kindle, published by indie legend Caliber Comics. This massive, 96 page collection includes early work, unpublished art, in-depth articles, a jazz art gallery and more!

On Comixology, click here.

On Amazon, click here.

His Aazurn Publishing publication, "Number One," with "Adventures of Aaron" artist Aaron Warner, was one of the best indie comics of 2014 (Shawn Perry, Bleeding Cool News).

Through his Indie Comics publication, Gary presents promising newcomers and veteran independent creators, introducing them to a wider audience through worldwide distribution.

His coloring and lettering for 3 Boys Productions' "Students of the Unusual" has appeared since the popular indy comic's first issue and his logo design graces each cover.

The controversial "Wedding of Popeye and Olive" Gary colored for Ocean Comics was discussed on Good Morning America, in "The New York Times," "Time" magazine and "Newsweek."

His work with nationally syndicated cartoonist Aaron Warner included coloring "Adventures of Aaron" Sunday strips, producing the "Sparky and Tim" collection cover and typography and coloring for much of Aaron's advertising studio work.

His cover coloring for Scott Rosema's "August" are now definitive of the character.

His production assistance in Omega7's "America's Forgotten Children" publication helped lead to the recovery of several missing children.

He colors and letters for many publishers and, locally, produces a full color, monthly entertainment magazine. The list here is but a small sampling of the projects he has prepared for print over his 35 year career in printing and publishing.

Interested in what it takes to be an illustrator or writer? Curious about how the comic book and related industries work? Comic Artists features a growing library of informative articles to enlighten and entertain.

Plus, Gary now produces a Publishing Comics video blog.

And -- Strange Horror is now a series!

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